Important work is going on at the newly established Diapause Research Foundation.

Our killifish farm is in full operation, with the capability of generating tens of thousands of eggs.

These eggs will be used first to create a population of adults that are grown under strict environmental controls permitting the manipulation of the onset or bypass of embryonic diapause.

Once a lab is established, we will develop a bioassay and study further the factors that affect and control diapause.

Following these preliminary experiments, we will identify and work closely with other laboratories, sharing our interests in determining the chemical control of diapause.

Our ultimate goal, of course, is to determine if molecules of biomedical importance can be generated from this research.

We will also continue to support the development of educational materials in this area to insure young scientists know and understand the potential of this commonly overlooked area in science.

Toward this end, we will promote the use of killifish eggs in the classroom and support the development of curriculums by donating eggs to appropriate nonprofit educational centers.

Eggs will also be available for student research projects.

Right now, we’re in the process of developing curriculum guides for students at the elementary and secondary levels.

We’re also developing a blueprint for an exciting hands-on interactive diapause exhibit in which children will be able to collect killifish eggs at the conclusion of the tour that they can then grow at home.

We hope you will want to join this important work through your contributions.

Donations to the DIAPAUSE RESEARCH FOUNDATION are tax-deductible in the U.S. Your gift will be used to support educational materials for schools and to support the scientific research on diapause.

You can mail your check made payable to:
Diapause Research Foundation
P.O. Box 10852
Pensacola, FL  32524

Any questions? Phone:  850-529-1897

Or you can make a secure credit-card donation through PayPal.
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